Wire Your Home or Business

Quality low-voltage cabling is a key requirement to provide the best 'infrastructure' for your data network and AV systems. If you are renovating your home or apartment, moving into a new office, building new or retrofitting an existing space, quality low-voltage cabling is the key. In today’s world, quality cabling is arguably as important as your electrical wiring.

We provide complete, turn-key, installation for all low-voltage, structured cabling.

Voice, Video and Data Communications Cabling:

  • Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6e voice and data cabling for multi-gigabit Ethernet
  • 10G Ethernet copper networks
  • RG6/RG59 coaxial video cabling

Audio-Video Cabling:

  • HDMI copper and fiber cabling
  • Speaker cabling
  • HD Component Video and RCA Audio cabling
  • Control Cabling