Audio Video

Unlike traditional AV companies, we recognize that the ability to display and playback digital music, videos and photos on traditional entertainment systems is the future of modern AV systems.

Our designs take full advantage of networked distribution of home and web-based entertainment sources, such as music and home videos stored on your computer or Internet streaming services, like Netflix, Pandora, Rhapsody, YouTube and many others.

The hard part is delivering them seamlessly to your audio systems, TVs, and home theatres. That's what we do. And all of our home entertainment systems can be combined with home servers that allow you to easily store, organize and share your digital libraries.

We design systems big and small, ranging from the simple living room stereo setup to state-of-the art whole home audio and video systems. We strive for simple, clean designs with the best equipment for your budget. Our services include:

  • Home Theatre design and installation
  • Multi-room distributed audio systems
  • HDTV Installation
  • Distributed HD Video
  • High-end traditional analog stereo systems
  • Networked, Wi-Fi enabled universal remote controls

Multi-room Audio
Whether you prefer vinyl records or lossless digital audio, an analog tube amp or a basic digital stereo receiver, we have an audio solution to meet your needs and budget. Digital audio – whether compressed MP3s, true CD quality lossless formats or audio streaming from the Internet -- can be integrated with existing analog hi-fi systems or can serve as the primary music source for a new whole home system.

Multi-room systems allow independent music selection and volume control in each room. When connected to your network, they allow you to share one consolidated digital music library throughout the home.

These systems are versatile and allow you to experience your music in new and exciting ways. They free your music from the computer and feature easy search, instant genre-based playlist creation, presentaiton of album and artist information and access to a variety of Internet based music services. These systems allow streaming different music to different rooms, all from the same library. Your teenager can listen to rap in one room, while you listen to your classical selections in another. The Wi-Fi controllers are simple to use and can be used in any room.

Leading digital audio devices supported are:

  • Slim Devices family of products, including the Transporter, Squeezebox Duet and Squeeze Boom
  • The Sonos Multi-Room Music System
  • Apple Computer’s iTunes/Apple TV/iTouch Solution

Home Theatre and Distributed HD Video
From the simple to the spectacular we offer multi-channel surround sound and 1080p, high-definition video installations for a total home theatre experience. We’ll retrofit your current TV setup with a new affordable system or build from the ground up working with your architect, interior decorator and general contractor to design a custom theater.

Our services include:

  • Complete design and installation services
  • Network and media server integration
  • Multi-zone configurations for distributed HD Video
  • HD Projection System installation
  • LCD and Plasma TV installation
  • Universal Remote Controls – Including advanced Wi-Fi enabled remotes