Everything from iPhones to stereos and Tivo’s work better and offer more when connected to the Internet. The number and types of such “network capable” devices are expanding daily. They all depend on an easy to use, secure and reliable home network.

That’s what we do: design and install wired Ethernet and wireless Wi-Fi networks that marry whole home connectivity with performance, reliability and ease of use.

Like the Internet itself our networks are “open” and scalable, meaning they are meant to last and to accommodate both today’s and tomorrow’s devices, software and technologies.

The list of things you can do with a network is long and growing daily, but here are some of our more popular offerings:

  • Stereo & Home Theater System Integration
  • Parental Controls/Internet Security
  • Home Servers
  • Smartphones
  • Data Backup and Protection
  • Network File and Print Sharing
  • Video Game Console Networking
  • IP Cameras

Our primary goal is to ensure our customers can use and enjoy their systems and devices simply and easily.

Wireless Networks
With hundreds of installed wireless networks, we bring extensive, practical extperience to the installation of reliable, whole-home wireless networks - even in the most challenging Manhattan environments. We have expertise in:

  • Multiple Access Point configurations for large homes, apartments and other spaces
  • Repeater and bridged configurations
  • Advanced wireless security
  • Support for all wireless standards, including 802.11n, a, b and g

Macintosh (and Windows)
We have extensive experience in all things Apple, from iPod Mini’s to high-end Xserve machines. Whether your household mainly uses Mac's, Windows PCs or a mix of both, we bring an intimate knowledge of both worlds to allow easy integration and sharing of network resources. This includes Apple computers, Windows PCs, and all associated devices and software. Mac’s and PC’s can share printers, files, music, iTunes libraries, the Wi-Fi network and backup and network storage devices.

We support all Apple Computer products, including:

  • iPhones, iPods and iTouch’s
  • Airport Extreme
  • iTunes
  • Apple TV
  • Time Capsule
  • Airport Express/AirTunes

Parental Controls and Security
In addition to security basics such firewalls and anti-virus protection, we offer reliable and affordable Internet content filters and parental controls.

Families with children are rightly concerned about the dangers of the Internet. We offer transparent solutions to provide sophisticated web protection at affordable, consumer friendly prices. Our web filter solution allows real-time blocking of objectionable content and malicious websites that infect computers with spyware and malware. The service allows you to define up to 30 different categories of web content, including everything from adult content to gambling and illicit drugs.

Our web filter requires no maintenance or user interaction. It is independent of the type of computers or operating system (Mac/Windows/Linux). Objectionable and malicious sites to be blocked are automatically updated on a daily basis. When someone tries to access a blocked website category, an information page is displayed that indicates the reason it is blocked.

Backup and Storage
The number one point of failure in any computing device is its hard drive – the component that stores your files. These could be irreplaceable family photos, MP3 music files, emails, home videos, poems, term papers, or work presentations. Simply put, computer hard drives and portable devices crash all the time.

Most people know they should backup their files. They simply don’t do it until it’s too late. It's tedious and a hassle, and certainly has a tough time competing with the all the other demands of daily life.

We offer “business class” backup and storage solutions tailored to the home environment. Like parental control capabilities, backups are fully automated and cover all computers on the network.

Reliable and automtated backup was once limited by cost to businesses. But with big improvements in the price, capacity and usability, easy-to-use backup is now affordable and available to the consumer.

Backup and storage solutions:

  • File/Backup Servers with redundant drives
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Drives
  • Single Computer Backups
  • Multi-TB Drive Arrays
  • Disk Imaging
  • Apple Time Capsule/Time Machine

Home Media Servers
Home servers provide great platforms to centrally deliver, store, manage and protect your digital collection of pictures, music and videos. They not only provide an easy way to share digital media, but also can serve as a platform for popular software applications, such as music, video, backup and security server software. Other capabilities include email servers (such as Exchange Server for Outlook), remote access servers and web servers.

We support a variety of server machines and software to suit your particular needs and environment.

  • Windows Home Server
  • Xserve/OS X Server
  • Ma Pro and Mac mini machines
  • Windows 2003/2008 Server
  • MS Small Business Server
  • Dedicated Linux Servers

NEW! Be sure to check out our new Media Server product, designed specifically to meet the needs of our residential customers. Learn more about this exciting new product by clicking here. It's a perfect compliment to the growing list of Streaming Media Devices.

Streaming Media Devices
Streaming devices connect directly to your high-definition TVs, stereos and home theaters and allow the playback of digital media stored either on a home computer or a dedicated media server. They allow brilliant photo slide shows, recorded high-definition TV, computer video playback, and delivery of internet video streaming services, such as Netflix, Vudu and Amazon on demand movies, Hulu TV and YouTube. Examples of streaming devices include Apple TVs, Windows Media Center machines, Tivo’s, and PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles. There is also a growing number of dedicated video streaming devices, such as Roku HD Player, WD Media Hub, Boxee and most networked Blu-ray players.

Supported Streaming Devices include:

  • Apple TV
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Mac mini
  • Tivo
  • PS3/XBox 360/Slingbox
  • Dedicated Video Streaming Devices